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Wow hunter pets for lvl 19 twinks

Players primarily twink level 19 characters in order to compete in the Warsong Gulch battleground. This page is to serve as a guide to every aspect in twinking. Choosing what class to play is often easier than choosing your character's race. Please read class proficiencies to see what weapons each class may use. At level 19 you are mostly restricted to using pre-BC enchants. Most all Burning Crusade enchants have a minimum level requirement of
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Wow hunter pets for lvl 19 twinks
Wow hunter pets for lvl 19 twinks
Wow hunter pets for lvl 19 twinks
Wow hunter pets for lvl 19 twinks
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Level 19 twink | Vanilla WoW Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You decided to make a level 19 Hunter WSG twink? It won't be easy, or enjoyable, until your character is Battleground-ready. The good news: at level 19 hunters are one of the most feared classes and with good reason as they are able to consistently outdps most if not all other classes, they have superior methods of slowing with wing clip and concussive shot and they have a travel aspect that increases speed beginning at level 18 although it is balanced since hunters can be dazed while using that aspect. They are also able to track both humanoids AND beasts in their minimap, making them invaluable scouts as well as high dps nukes and with the right race and profession combinations they can even get self heals, making them much more difficult to kill. The bad news: Hunters have two fatal flaws - a deadzone in which they cannot fire and line of sight which limits how often they are able to attack. That being stated, a team composed entirely or almost entirely of twink hunters in the 19 battlegrounds will be difficult, if not impossible, to beat. If you want to set your aim higher and attempt to play in Arathi Basin , you might want to check out the Hunter lvl 29 twinking guide.
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Level 19 hunter twinking guide

Discussion in ' Guides ' started by Samhain , Feb 13, Log in or Sign up. Share This Page Tweet. Tags: classic guide how to hunter mage nineteen pet twink vanilla. Feb 13, 1.
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It would be remiss of me to not take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I also wanted to say thanks for all your great guides, I dont know how I would have managed without them! So take a look.

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